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January 11, 2008

Tag flood

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Amid the tag furry, I was tagged some days ago by Jeff Moss so I’ll have to give some pieces of information about myself presumably of low interest to most. I had not put any personal information on my blog, so here are 8 of them which I’ll keep short anyway:

  • I come from a small town in Brittany, France, located almost as far west as conceivable before falling off a cliff. My parents spoke Breton before they learned French at school.
  • I was an undecided student, who spent 6 years studying Mathematics and Physics followed by a year in management studies before realizing that what he was interested in was History.
  • So I read a lot, predominantly History and current affairs books.The last book I read: The Great War for Civilization by Robert Fisk (highly controversial in the USA, less in the UK).
  • I volunteered to join the army paratroopers (national service was mandatory for boys only at the time –how unjust-), a formative experience to say the least.
  • I love performance tuning and modeling but I am not a geek as such. I have no interest whatsoever in “intelligent” phones, PDAs, games, and so on.
  • I feel depressed unless I run at least 40km a week, and I also love diving, sailing and swimming.
  • I love traveling, especially by foot in the deserts. The landscapes that most impressed me were in the Namib Desert. Most unsettling experience abroad: living in the UK for two years (I’m joking here – I had great time and was feeling half English when I left).
  • Last bullet, well what else could I say? How about “I hate DIY, much to my wife’s dismay”?

Well, thanks for reaching this point.


I am quite a late comer to the tag thing: I have a feeling that all the oracle blogs I read have already been tagged, so I’ll stop the chain here.




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